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Planning: History for 5th Grade

I’m thinking about doing US history units over the summer (Homeschool in the Woods) and returning to a 4 year history cycle again in the fall. After getting some input from Gilbert who wanted a more hands-on interactive program, I have chosen The World in Ancient Times series as our main spine for next year.

The books in this series include:
The Early Human World
The Ancient Near Easter World
The Ancient Egyptian World
The Ancient South Asian World
The Ancient Chinese World
The Ancient Greek World
The Ancient Roman World
The Ancient American World

These books can be found easily (and cheaply) on Albiris or if you are very lucky your local library.

My plan is to cover a book a month, include supplemental reading, hands on activities, and movies. I know a lot of people use this series more as supplement for Human Odyssey but after looking at both books, I like this series better. I will make sure to post what my plan is when I start to schedule.

Seems like things are coming together beautiful on the planning home front. I was honestly dreading these moments after last summer’s “grass is greener” breakdown.

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Found next year’s Science text for Gilbert!

Well, I did it. I’ve made my first real official choice for next year’s science. And the winner is….

Wait. Isn’t that a textbook? But you’re a homeschooler! Aren’t you supposed to hate things related to a traditional school? Down with textbook! The world is your oyster why aren’t you using living books and hands on experiments!

Fair rant, maybe I should be spending my free time as I have for the last 4 years piecing together resources I have found. I’ll be honest, I’m a homeschooler the world is my oyster and this is the pearl I have decided to use. It looks like a very solid book (it is recommended on a few boards I visit) and there are online resources I can print and give to Gilbert after he has read and summarized the text. The best part is I can spend my time finding hands on experiments to beef up instead of trying to recreate the wheel. I will make sure when I have everything mapped out I will post the completed file.

For now, I’m just happy to have something checked off the list.


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