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I’m not going to lie, I had blogger’s block. I  had nothing I really wanted to talk about… unless you want to hear about my adventures in freezer cooking.Yes Virginia, you can make once a month cooking even easier.

So what brought be out of blockdom? I was doing a writing lesson with Sullivan and it was going less than stellar. So I wondered what I did with Gilbert. I mean Gilbert has awesome penmanship. How did I do it? I know I documented it for future me to look back on and say “Oh ya!”. No friends. I did not. I totally failed at what I wanted this blog for me to be. I needed a place to write down all the things I was doing with the kids for record keeping. So on those days I wondered what I did right I could go back and check. Fail! No worries though, I am back to learn from past mistakes and hopefully keep records here so others may benefit from my successes and failures.

Now to go and dusting off links and schedules. We started school this week and so far since we are still shiny, things are going well. Biggest thing I have learned with both kids is to know, so I am still using HST+. I find this really to be the easiest way to have an idea of all things I need to do. Slow clap to people who do not plan, it just doesn’t happen here. We need a rough idea of lessons in a subject so we do not over/under do subjects. Also with 2 kids with a large age gap it is easier to see who will need me when and plan accordingly.

Hopefully I will blog more often now that things are slowing down for fall.

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4 Weeks in Already?

Time is such a weird thing isn’t. Sometimes days are so long that you wonder if time has stopped, then other days it feels like you just woke up when it is late in the night and you are going to sleep. That is how this first month of our year feels to me, didn’t we just start yesterday?

I have been slacking on posting here, kudos to those bloggers you can multitask with multiple aged children, cook, clean, sleep, shower, teach, blog, run a corporation and have perfect hair. I just can’t do it. LOL. So here is a summary of out first month:

Gilbert- things are going extremely well. I use Homeschool Tracker Plus and print out a week long daily task list have has everything I want him to do in the week. The only problem I have here is that he has started do his work upstairs and quietly puts it away when he is done. I really like to be able to check his work when he is done so we can review his mistakes while they are fresh. While correcting him a few hours later is not bad, I would prefer to do it when he is done. Also we lose a day to our lovely coop, not that bad, but I have started Gilbert on doing easy work on that day so we can have a 4.5 day week. While I could work on a weekend, it is hard to convince him to give up his weekend to me. I would like to beef up some things like our Scientists study so I will be purchasing more science kits.

Sullivan- things are going very well. I wish I could find more people using Saxon phonics because I do have a few questions. I am supplementing the activities in the book with Scholastic eBook activities to cement what he is learning (ie rhyming words). Our time with Singapore Essentials is also going very well. He does very well with the concepts. I have been doing Five in a Row with him as well he really enjoys the books and the supporting activities I have found.

So far no misses. I hope the rest of our academic year stays this way. 🙂

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Just as long as the curriculum does the job…

it shouldn’t matter where it comes from does it? For example, I hear a lot (and I am guilty of saying) I want a purely secular curriculum teaching ABC or XYZ no mention of any deity or practice that does not fit my family’s model. If the curriculum does the job should it matter though. Don’t get me wrong, in the cases of science and history I am Mrs Picky, but in subjects such as English and Mathematics I don’t think it should matter that much?

What brought on this train of thought? Well, I’ve been toying with using Rod and Staff  English for Language Arts next year. It seems like a solid curriculum choice and while repeating many of the topics from Sheldon introduces new ideas like diagramming that I think would help Gilbert a lot. I admit my nose wrinkles hearing the Rod and Staff name because I think it puts me on a slippery slope. What slippery slope I do not know but it sets a precedent that I hope opens me up to find new curriculums that may will help my boys.

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